Julius Segall in his studio (date not yet established) image shared by Jay Pscheidt; on the back is written: ““NEG# 9905, Julius Segull”

This page collects images and links to primary documents related to Julius Segall as an aid to further research. If you are looking for an overview of the artist, see the About page.

Julius Segall is top center. His son Edward is in the front row second from left. His daughter Rose is sitting on the sofa viewer’s right, holding one of her children who died young. Francis, Edward’s wife, can be seen directly behind Rose and her child. If you have information about other individuals in this photo or the occasion on which it was taken, please email us.
1880 Census showing him resident at 505 Chestnut in Milwaukee in the home of his parents Levy and Johanna, as well as with his older brother Hugo, his older sister Bertha, his younger sister Silena, and his younger brother Willy. He is already list at age 21 as an artist by profession.
As printed on p. 21 of the January 21, 1925 edition of the New York Times. The same obituary word for word is reprinted in the 13 February 1925 American Hebrew.
1870 Census showing Levi (Levy, Ludwig) Segall resident in Hartford, WI.
Possibly a wedding portrait of Regina and Julius
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